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All personal information is treated in the strictest confidence. Successful applicants will be contacted within 48 hours.

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Rehabilitation Of Offenders Act 1974



The information you give will be treated in the strictest confidence and only taken into account where, in the reasonable opinion of PCS, the offence is relevant to the post for which you are applying for.

Failure to declare a conviction may require us to exclude you from our register or terminate an assignment if a conviction is not declared but later comes to light.




References / Previous Experience


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Health & Safety Declaration

I declare that whilst working as a temporary for PCS, I will not use any machinery unless experienced and will not operate a dangerous machine unless supervised or experienced in the use of that type of machinery.

I will ensure that at all times I will take every precaution to avoid injury to myself and others and prevent damage to any equipment or machinery.



Next of Kin's Details


I declare that the information given is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I know of no medical reason why I should not work in a food environment. However if the situation changes at any time during my employment with PCS, I will notify a Company Representative immediately.



Please attach a scanned copy of your ID document e.g. driving licence or passport



If you do not have a P45 to start work with PCS, please download a copy of the P46 required to commence work in the UK and with PCS. You can either fill it in, scan it and upload to this form or bring with you on interview. DOWNLOAD HERE



Personal Decleration


To the best of my knowledge the information given is correct. I am in good health & there is nothing further of which I am aware that should be taken into account when offering me work. I am eligible to work in the U.K. and I understand that, should anything prove to be inaccurate I am liable to dismissal.

I hereby authorise PCS to seek references and the information provided may be used to assist with my application for work. I agree that the information given on my application may be used for the purposes of registration under the Data Protection Act.